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About your yoga instructor

deb greenhalgh

deb came to Yoga from the world of dance. Her passion for dance led her to a career that included working shows in Orlando, Tokyo, cruise ships in the Caribbean, Atlantic City, and New York City. Along the way, she Enjoyed teaching dance and creative movement classes to students of all ages.  

Moving from NYC several years ago, Deb currently lives in Irmo & is the proud mom to her daughter Lily , twin boys Jack & allen.   Deb Earned her massage therapy certificate at Midlands Technical College & Practices Neuromuscular, Reflexology & Aroma Touch Massage.   She received her RYT 230 teaching certificate through the Asheville Yoga Center & her teaching experience ranges from restorative & children’s Yoga, to dynamic flow Yoga..  She has witnessed first hand yoga;s healing powers &  is committed to bringing that healing, Restorative Element to every class she teaches.

About your yoga instructor
ashley g petty

From the first time ashley stepped onto a borrowed yoga mat in a class where she went looking for "killer arms and abs", Ashley realized something very different and powerful about Yoga. It isn't actually about arms & abs, but it's about your soul.  She strongly believes that it benefits everyone & it's about what you can do right now in the present moment. She believes with her whole heart that God gave her yoga as a way to bless her with peace & solace so she could be quiet and listen to Him.  Yoga & God taught her to love the now.  Ashley loves to share yoga with everyone, especially newcomers. Her classes are less "formal" & always different because that's a reflection of who she is at heart.  Ashley received her 230 hour teaching certification at Amsa Yoga via the Asheville Yoga center.  

A favorite quote: "Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  And today?  Today is a gift.  That's why we call it the present." 

Christine Milling

All it took was one yoga class and Christine was hooked. She received her 230 hour teaching certificate at Amsa Yoga under the direction of Stephanie Keach of the Asheville Yoga Center.  She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level and is currently pursuing her 500 hour certificate at the Asheville Yoga Center.  She loves the movement and challenge of vinyasa yoga, the relaxation with restorative yoga and the quiet meditative qualities of yin yoga.
Christinne works full time as the Community Educator for Hospice Care of Tri-County in Newberry.  She and her family live on their small farm (Big Belly Farm) not far from downtown Chapin.  Cooking from scratch, dog rescue, soap making, handmade jewelry, and her kindergartener and husband are just a few of Christine’s loves.

Dianne Fladung

Dianne relates with yogis at every level of their practice.  She remembers vividly what is like to be uncomfortable in your beginner days & is a testament to how powerful & transforming yoga can be as you grow your practice.  Back when Dianne took that 1st yoga class at Gold's Gym with Amy Siezmore,  followed by a 1st yoga workshop, the 

thought of lying still & being quiet & calm in savasana made her want to run out of class just before it began.  It took 5 years to find comfort in the stillness.  Yoga & Meditation helped rid toxins from her inner & outer worlds, taught her how to listen to the True Source & realize she is exactly who she's supposed to be.   Dianne received her RYT 200 certification through the Yoga Steps program.  She's been teaching for nine years in various locations, the longest & most recent at Chapin's former Back In Shape Fitness.  Dianne's classes reflect her fun, authentic nature.  She likes to incorporate extra core strengthening & flow sequences into her classes & enjoys watching students grow physically & mentally through these sequences.  

Alana Brunmeier

eleven years ago,  alana was prepared to sign up for a 200 hour teacher training course but God had other plans for her. she married her high school sweetheart, had two beautiful children, and moved to four different states and Somewhere along the way,, she began to neglect her daily yoga practice.. her physical, emotional, and spiritual health started to suffer.  it took a health crisis to bring alana back to her mat and her journey of healing began.  She received her 200 hour teaching certificate from Asheville yoga center in 2016. she hopes to share her healing journey with others and takes special interest in therapeutic yoga and yoga for children.

Jane Wyatt

Jane began practicing yoga in 2000 as a balance to weight lifting and was hooked immediately.  She loves that you can find the same posture new and exciting day after day and how every instructor has a new approach to the same postures.  She loves inversions and how the increased blood flow to the brain washes away monkey mind! Jane received her RYT200 certificate in 2013 and is working toward her RYT500 certificate.  She lives in prosperity with her husband.  She has 3 children and 7 grands, all in chapin.

Whitney Beall

Whitney found yoga during a stressful and emotional time in her life.  Yoga’s emphasis on breathing and mindfulness helped her find calm, joy and peace.  Since this time, yoga has become a fulcrum for balancing all aspects of her life.  In 2009, while practicing with Dianne Fladung, Whitney completed yoga teacher training through YogaFit; however, one of life’s changes took her away from teaching for several years.  In 2016, with the encouragement and support from the teachers at Chapin Yoga Center, Whitney returned to teaching yoga after completing the Yoga Alliance RYT-200 hour yoga teacher training program at Asheville Yoga Center and she is currently pursuing a Yoga Alliance RYT-500 hour yoga teacher certification.  Whitney likes to teach a theme-based, breath-centric slow flow practice and encourages laughter, the most joyous form of mindfulness, in all her classes.