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Chapin's 1st Yoga Studio

104 E. Boundary Street
Chapin SC, 29036

Class Times & Description
s (Effective Tuesday January 2nd)


Yoga 101 

5:00-6:00pm Wednesday* $5 class for teachers

9:30-10:45am  Thursday

10:00-11:00AM Saturday

ALL Levels,, Beginner FriendLy

Great for New Yogis & Those Looking to Review the Basics!  Class covers fundamental asana, (Yoga pose) alignment, Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Techniques) & savasana (Final Resting Pose)..  You will learn To: connect your pose to your breath, become comfortable on your mat & in a Class Setting, receive Assists from Instructors, strengthen & stretch your body, calm your mind & Take Yoga off the Mat & Into your Life.

Yoga With Weights

6:30-7:45PM     Tuesday

9:30-10:45AM    Thursday

Suitable for a fit beginner

This ALL LEVELS class is great for everyone. Weights are Optional as you will benefit from the practice even without the use of weights.  Class will build strength, flexibility & body awareness. Movements are linked with the flow of your breath invigorating the whole body & challenging the whole mind. Learning these principles creates a successful & effective yoga practice that can enhance athletic performance, improve posture, build core strength & define muscles.  If you Run, Gym, Bike, Swim, Tennis, Golf or are looking to get yourself In Shape or Just Add to Your Existing Workout routine - Join us on the mat! 

Yin and flow

8:00-9:15AM Tuesday

6:30-7:45pm Thursday 

all-levels, beginner friendly 

This class combines long, healing stretching with slow, strengthening movement to teach both physical and mental balance. this class incorporates mindful meditation, breath work (pranayama) and yoga to achieve total body balance.

Stretch & Strengthen

5:15-6:15PM Monday * ONLy $5 for teachers

All Level,s, Beginner Friendly

Beginners & Seasoned yogis will ben
efit from movements & breath work that energize the body & relax the mind.  A combination of power poses for stamina & strength, balance poses for mind & body & Stretch poses for stress & health.  Modifications offered for all level participation & more or less of a challenge.   You choose the intensity !!

1/2  &  1/2  Yoga

9:30-10:45AM   Monday

11:30-12:30pm Thursday

All Levels,, Beginner Friendly

1/2 Energizing Yoga   1/2 Deep Stretch 

Enjoy the best of both worlds with some Yin & Yang.  We'll start out with an energizing series that gets the blood flowing & round it out with the     yummiest deep stretch.  

4:00-5:15pm  Sunday 
11:30-12:30aM  Tuesday  
7:45-8:45PM Wednesday
8:00-9:15AM Thursday
5:15-6:15PM Thursday
all Level,s, Beginner Friendly

Get the kinks out!  The perfect class to start your week & End Your Thursday!  Set at a slow pace, you'll Warm Up the Body, breathe the stress away & stretch your way to better health & happiness. Repair the damage done by everyday stress & years of neglecting your post run/ workout/ tennis/ golf/ cycling stretches.  You might just find that you improve 
your time/ game/ speed.....
You will not want to leave your mat - we promise, but when you do, you'll be refreshed & ready to tackle what's ahead!  Anybody & ANY Body can enjoy & benefit! 

Power Yoga

9:30-10:30AM Tuesday

8:00-9:15AM Wednesday

6:30-7:30PM Wednesday (Warm)

8:30-9:45AM Saturday

Some yoga experience recommended.  

It's Total Body Yoga!  This class will have you moving & breathing to energize the whole body!  Build upon & Expand your Asana Practice with creative Transitions, Pranayama & Pose Variations for All Levels!  Jump start your day & your metabolism, detoxify the body & improve circulation! Start your day off right -Power Up & Energize with Yoga!   

yoga barre

6:30-7:30pm  Monday 

8:00-9:15AM Friday

Suitable for a fit beginner 

Sculpting & Lengthening Muscles with Tiny, but Highly Effective Movements is what this class is Allll About!  Yoga Barre targets Arms, Core, Glutes, Legs  & you'll feel like we've Hit the Bullseye every time!  The rotating instructor schedule allows for a fun, new weekly barre experience.  Work up a Sweat & Work out the Stress,  Meet us at the Barre!


8:00-9:15AM Monday


Practice synchronizing your breath & your movements in this dynamic flowing power class.  Some yoga experience is recommended, however, beginners are welcome if you are comfortable just going at your own pace & learning as you flow.

yoga fusion

9:30-10:30AM Friday 

Some yoga experience recommended to keep pace

Mix all of our yoga classes Together & roll them into one Giant ball of fun!  

It will be an ever changing mix of weights, props & pose variations to get the blood flowing & expand your practice.  A sense of humor & compassion for yourself Are all that is required :)  lift your mood & Try it all


7:45-9:00pm  Monday

All levels, Beginner Friendly

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones & even joints in areas like the hips, pelvis & lower spine. Longer holds & pranayama (breathing techniques) combine to allow gentle, lasting changes to the fascia allowing the body to lengthen, open & often reduce pain.  Yin teaches one self awareness,  acceptance & to be ok in stillness.  

    - Be Stll & Know..............

Family Yoga  

2:30-3:15pm  1st Sunday Each Month except summer  

All levels, Beginner Friendly                  

This is fun for the whole family!   Build a life long parent-child yoga bond in a fun, playful manner.  

Geared toward elementary & Middle School aged children & younger.  Adult-friendly modifications are often given so Mom & Dad get some yoga of their own.  

GENtle yoga

9:30am-10:45aM Monday 

All Level,s, Beginner Friendly

This class will allow you to let go of your morning stress & set-up for a positive rest of the day! Reverse the damage done by typing at your computer, slouching over your desk & simply stressing out. A gentle flow through asanas (postures) that strengthen & stretch your body blends with breathing techniques to use on & off the mat. 

Stretch for the Ages

9:30am-10:45am  Wednesday  

All Level,s, Beginner Friendly

Anybody & ANY Body can enjoy the benefits of this yoga class.  If you think you are "too old for yoga", "not flexible",  "not skinny enough"  then this is the class for you. Poses are modified & props incorporated (chairs, blocks, bolsters, even the instructors hand) allowing all students to benefit & enjoy yoga.  
minimum age for All classes is i4yrs old (except Family Yoga)