Come as you Are
come grow with us

Chapin's 1st Yoga Studio

104 E. Boundary Street
Chapin SC, 29036

Chapin Yoga Center: yoga 101


Yoga 101

  - arrive early, if you must enter a few mins late, slip in quietly

  - remove shoes before entering class
- enjoy savasana quietly
  - wear clothing that allows you to move freely & covers anything others shouldn't see freely

  - bring water & tissues if needed

  - cell phones must be silenced
  - bring a mat.  loaners available, but we recommend owning mat (& your practice :)
  - Please wear deodorant & refrain from heavy frangrances

what's this yoga thing all about

- is yoga a religion?


There is no creed, no profession of faith, no ritual of allegiance

- What's in it for me?    a lot  

yoga Balances Body, mind & breath.  It benefits your overall well being allowing you to more efficiently process daily stress mentally & physically


yoga increases flexibility, strength & the ability to breathe

yoga can improve your posture & help you lose weight

- NAMA-what???    namaste

its a simple greeting or farewell meaning "I see the good in you."  

It is traditionally said to one another at the end of a yoga practice